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>>>>> On Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:29:48 -0400 (EDT), Scott Bradner <> said:

  Scott> The IESG has to make teh recommendation to the RFC Editor not just
  Scott> one AD.  As soon as we got back form Munich I recommended to the IESG
  Scott> that the ID be published as an Info RFC

  Scott> The publication was approved by the IESG today ( we had to wait until
  Scott> the iesg telechonference after the Munich meeting)

Based on that approval, I take it that IESG had sent its
recommendation to the RFC Editor that the ID be published
as an Info RFC.

I had hoped that by now it would have been published but
the ESRO Informational RFC has not been published yet.

Considering that our Information RFC publication request
was submitted nearly 8 months ago, we are very anxious to
see it published as soon as possible.

Can you please tell us what the status towards the
publication of this RFC is?

In fact it would be great if the RFC Editor gives us a
publication date in response to this message. 




Are there any other Informational RFCs in the RFC
publication queue that have been there longer than this

Re: ESRO ID, Scott Bradner
Re: ESRO ID, Scott Bradner
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