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The Efficient Short Remote Operations Organization

Efficient Short Remote Operations

Home of Internet RFC-2188

A reliable connectionless transport
A foundation for development of efficient protocols
When TCP is too much and UDP is too little
Reliability for Wireless Data when efficiency matters

Adhering to the principles of the Free Protocols Foundation.
A component of the Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocol (LEAP)
A public service of Neda Communications, Inc

ESRO protocol provides reliable connectionless remote operation services on top of UDP (or any other non-reliable connectionless transport service) with minimum overhead. ESRO protocol supports segmentation and reassembly, concatenation and separation as well as multiplexing for service users (applications).

The Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO) service is similar to and is consistent with other Remote Procedure Call services. The emphasis of ESRO service definition and the ESRO protocol is on efficiency. ESRO is designed specifically with wireless network (e.g., CDPD) usage in mind. is an open organization for the development and maintenance of the ESRO protocol. also facilitates interoperability testing among implementations of ESRO, and promotes the use of products and services based on ESRO.

ESRO is intended to be a patent-free protocol. To this end, fully subscribes to the patent-free principles and procedures of the Free Protocols Foundation.

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